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    Lesser Church Hall, 28 James St, Pittenweem, Anstruther KY10 2QN

    I'll be exhibiting as a member of Fife Dunfermline Printmakers Workshop.



    6th to 13th August 2022

    VOICES OF TEXTILES: Unravelling the personal and the political

    The University of Edinburgh

    A digital exhibition celebrating the communities of women who have crafted their voices and forged new paths through their relationship with textiles. The exhibition features items from the University of Edinburgh Collections centred around the historic role of women in textile production and use as well as a social media campaign centred on the idea of community, has been running, primarily on Instagram at @voices_of_textiles, using the hashtag #craftyourvoiceVofT


    To view the full digital exhibition go to: Voices of Textiles




    An exhibition of new works created collaboratively and individually by a group of women who began meeting online during lockdown in 2021.


    At the end of summer 2021, the group were able to meet in person at Glasgow Women's Library. This was when group members Doreen, F and Lesley worked together and individually to produce the body of prints presented in the exhibition.


    The group used feminist consciousness-raising to help open discussions. The 'personal is political' was a term coined by second-wave feminists in the late 1960s, which connected experiences in women's personals lives with conditions and structures in society.


    The 30 prints in the exhibition – made using Risograph printing, or riso for short – grew out of ideas and insight gained from the group's circle discussions.


    UNTIL 1 May


    The exhibition is being handed over to the Archives at Glasgow Women's Library in Summer 2022

    CONSCIOUSLY RISING:personal is political

    Glasgow Women's Library

    November 2021 to February 2022


    Plus ca change!

    In 20212 I set up Leslie & Rosie as a creative design and make project to keep my brain active and my fingers nimble. It's certainly done that but all good things have to come to an end.


    I've now decided to focus on my own creative artwork and pleasing myself rather than always thinking about designing for my customers. I hope you'll continue along this journey with me and enjoy seeing how I develop as an artist.


    My processes are varied and include screen printing, mark making, drawing, mono printing and stitching on paper and textiles.


    Lesley Ratomska



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